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What is the best tool to make a large Chamfer?

Well a chainsaw, of course! I just came across these videos posted on YouTube. It looks like they are filmed at a Japanese furniture company. In the first video we see a guy making a huge table top.

I’m not sure what the HSE would say about crouching down on a table, using a chainsaw to mill a chamfer! But never the less, this series of videos are interesting to watch and see how Japanese woodworkers work.

Next we see a cabriole leg emerge from a block of wood. The one question that was on my mind throughout this video, was how did he cut the grooves in the block of wood? I assume it was either a tablesaw or mitre saw. But the measurements would have to be spot on. Shame we couldn’t see that part. Towards the end we see the worker carve out the curves with just a chisel, which is such a simple way to do this. Though the power tool fiend in me couldn’t help thinking some sort of powered sander would have been quicker!

In this final video we see the skill and dexterity of a worker using a powered fretsaw. He is making intricate panels from a dark wood that could be ebony. It starts with him marking out the wood carefully and then we see the concentration it takes to cut the various sections. Towards the end the worker cleans up the panels with some sort of oil and what looks like a wire brush.

I hope you found those interesting. If you want to see more then check out the YouTube Channel. I have some more from a different YouTube Channel to show you next week.

Strictly Woodturning: The final two videos.

Well, Life got the better of me this past two weeks and I’m late posting these videos. What disruption a bit of snow makes!

In these final videos we see the evening event from Strictly Woodturning 2010. The woodturners go up against each other in a series of heats involving quick-fire timed projects. As the turners get knocked out winner emerges to take the prize. The judges take on roles to mimmick those of the popular BBC series. You will see in the 2nd video some of their hilarious and sometimes outrageous criticism of the turners’ work.

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For commentary of the whole event, check out the Strictly Woodturning website.

This was the first time I had attended an Axminster Tool Centre event and I really enjoyed the social aspect of the whole two days. It showed how Axminster is in touch with the woodworkers and woodturners that they supply. Their staff went all out in providing a really special event for the delegates and it was clear they were doing it because they appreciated their customers. Free refreshments where on hand throughout the event, not to mention the delicious menu of food for the evening dinner. Not once did I get the impression that the whole thing was a sales exercise. Whilst you could buy from the trade stands and use the show discount at the shop, there where no sales pitches or tricks. Ok, so this type of event is obviously beneficial to their image and certainly must help with sales. But I couldn’t help feeling that this was a distant thought. They where there to have as much fun as us! I really got a sense for how Axminster treat their staff, it felt very family orientated, but in a professional way. I jut want to express my thanks to the everyone involved in Strictly Woodturning. The woodturners for their patience and willingness to let me film and interview them. The delegates for not throwing things at me as I blocked their view to get ‘the perfect shot’. The lady from Axe Valley Community College who gave me a room to set up the interviews. But most of all Axminster and their staff for letting me film and produce these films and give those who could not attend a taste of what a fantastic event this was.

Axminster are not putting on a Strictly Woodturning event in 2011, so as not to collide with the AWGB Symposium. All being well, they will return in 2012 with a similar event.

Please let me know what you think of this series of videos.

Strictly Woodturning Axminster Tool Centre

Strictly Woodturning pt4: Les Thorne, Gary Rance and Tony Rea

In this next video we see Les Thorne talk about why he thinks people should turn bud vases, Gary Rance threading a box and Tony Ray demonstrating the techniques of turning natural edged burr bowls. These demonstrations were not just informative, but the professional turners each added their own personality making the sessions captivating. This is just a snapshot of what was a 2 day event.

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Next weekend I will publish the final two videos which cover the evening competitive event. Don’t miss the fun and games, come back to find out who gets the coveted Strictly Woodturning prize for 2010!

Please let me know what you think.

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